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The Perfect Portal web page is not complete but here is an overview of the project:

The Perfect Portal aims to be a hybrid between current portal systems and WebOS software. They idea is to not limit developers to design their software for this sytem but to allow complete freedom for developers to code in any language and use any tools they want and let the Perfect Portal worry about adapting their software into the framework.

How is this possible? This is a very valid question and one that cannot be completly answered and the following answer may change through the course of development:
We aim to allow develper freedom by using a software to rewrite an interface to the developers application. The portal will be based off of javascript and their form require no page refresh, more accuratly no allow page refreshes; therefore, a completely ajaxified interface must be created to adapt other applications to the portal.

Issues needing to be dealt with:

Authentication and security are a definate considerations that need to be made before this project can become production ready and a method for linking authentication systems together amoung applications is another issue because no user wants to have to login to each portlet as they use many at one time.

There will be many issues that arrise but nothing a little elbow grease cant' work out.


Overview   |   News/Forums/Bug Tracker/etc...(   |   Road Map   |   documentation   |   Demos