Road Map

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The project is divided into three main packages/stages. The development will focus on a particular stage/package of the project corresponding to the alpha release version (ie Alpha 1 releases are developing the Interface Framework.). The task list will be grayed out as items are completed.

Design Packages/Stages

Stage 1 :: Interface Framework (The Core)

This stage is the heart of the portal interface and the api that will be used by the later stages to add to the functionality of the project. This is the most important stage as it will determine the abilities of the latter. Once the api is published and stage 2 begins changes will be limited to additional features and improvements to the existing features, the api will remain the same (may be some additions). This will ensure all packages placed on top of the core are functional with future releases.

Stage 2 :: Design and Accessibility (User Interface Enhancements)

The alpha 2 stage is all about improving the usability of the portal. Hotkey's and visual signifiers and javascript effect heavy design will be employed. Upon completion of this stage the portal will look like a fully qualified Web 2.0 application. This stage can be developed in parallel with stage 3 because they have no interweaving parts.

Stage 3 :: Automation (Developer Freedom)

At stage 3 the real work begins, here we develop tools to generate portlets from existing applications. The general idea is to create a separate AJAX interface dynamically when loading a portlet url and use this interface to access the application. This allows anything to be displayed in a portlet without modification.

Overview   |   News/Forums/Bug Tracker/etc...(   |   Road Map   |   documentation   |   Demos